Stream Tyla Yaweh She Bad London Ent signee... NEW MUSIC: Tyla Yaweh –  “She Bad”

Stream Tyla Yaweh She Bad

Stream Tyla Yaweh She Bad

London Ent signee Tyla Yaweh, under the direction of Dre London and Pot Malone, has arrived with his lates offering in the form of “She Bad.” the new selection is underscored by particularly compelling artowrk that plays into the funk-infused undertones of “She Bad” as tyla swoons over the dance moves of a leading woman.

The song is the atest snippet of what’s to come of Yaweh’s forthcoming F the Rules project, a debut that is expected to roll out at the top of 2019.

“It’s called Fuck the Rules, but we’re calling it F the Rules for marketing purposes,” tyla Yaweh tells Billboard. “It’s about not staying in a box and not obeying the music rules that say: ‘You have to stay in one lane.

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You can’t do every genre and still be cohesive.’ Some artists do a bunch of genres all over the place, but it’s such a consistent sound. You can do this and this, but it still sounds like me.

That’s why I said ‘fuck the rules.’ There’s no rules in it. I got it tatted on my neck, too. It’ll be like nine records. I feel like it’s going to be like how Nicki and Drake got rich off a mixtape. It’s about 90 percent done.”

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