Stream Smino Klink Stream Smino Klink, Smino has... NEW MUSIC: Smino – “Klink”

Stream Smino Klink

Stream Smino Klink

Stream Smino Klink, Smino has returned with yet another single for his upcoming Smino Noir, dropping November 8th. “Klink” finds the rapper taking to a jangling guitar-led instrumental, raising his octaves with a carefree blend of confidence and soul.

Though subject matter boils down to a hip-hop favorite, Smino approaches his ode to jewelry and hedonism without relying on pre-existing (and admittedly tired) tropes.

In some ways, Smino’s aquatic flow and unrestrained vocal range are reminiscent of peak Young Thug; such similarities are evident on “Klink,” as Smino takes to the beat like a seal being thrust from water to land.

Few can ride the beat with such refined originality, and many have come to note the St. Louis rapper’s flow as a defining attribute. Though his ear for instrumentation defies convention, such choices help keep Smino uniquely within his own, refreshingly original lane.

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“Klink” is no exception. Alongside previous single “LMF,” it seems likely that Smino is gearing up for a strong release to cap off the year.

Smino – KLINK (Audio)


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