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Mario Admits To Wendy Williams That He Has A Crush On Jhene Aiko

E!News November 14, 2018 Ryan Kyle 0

To be fair, who doesn’t? Mario (not to... Mario Admits To Wendy Williams That He Has A Crush On Jhene Aiko

Mario Admits To Wendy Williams That He Has A Crush On Jhene Aiko

To be fair, who doesn’t?

Mario (not to be mistaken with the famous video game character) recently made his resurgence with the release of Dancing Shadows. He’s been around the business for a long time and he’s experienced the ups and downs.

While most of his career was spent on the rise, he’s comfortable with his current position in the R&B game. He’s been doing some press to promote his new music and in doing so, he stopped by Wendy Williams’ show to film a segment of Backseat Heat. The TV host asked Mario a series of questions about his love life, asking him about his celebrity crush.

He’s known Jhené Aiko for a few years and in that time, he’s developed a crush on the singer. Everything about her aura is appealing to Mario but he’s being respectful of her current relationship.

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Wendy wanted all the tea, asking him if Jhené broke up with Big Sean tomorrow, if he would make a move. Mario didn’t hesitate, revealing he would slide in instantly. “I’d definitely shoot my shot, for a fact. Jhené’s beautiful,” he said.

Almost directly after, Wendy asked him how many women he’s slept with to which he estimated about 100 people. Do you think Mario has a shot with Jhené if she ever breaks up with Sean?

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