Stream Jessie James Decker Boots Stream Jessie James... NEW MUSIC: Jessie James Decker – “Boots”

Stream Jessie James Decker Boots

Stream Jessie James Decker Boots

Stream Jessie James Decker Boots – Jessie James Decker is back with a vengeance on her new song, “Boots.” A track she describes as a girl anthem, the song serves as a kissoff to haters.

“People keep on talkin’ / Honey, I just smile / They say I’ll never make it but I’ve been here for a while / They’ll never bring me down / I’m here on solid ground / I’ll never fall, I’m walkin’ tall as long as I’m around,” she sings on the song’s memorable first verse. Stream Jessie James Decker Boots

With boot-stomping rhythms and an infectious chorus, Jessie adequately gets her point across as she dares haters to walk a mile in her boots. With powerhouse vocals and a distinct swagger that brings to mind old school Shania Twain, “Boots” begs to be played on repeat.

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In addition to being her new single, “Boots” is featured in Jessie’s commercial for JustFab Online. Stream the new song in its entirety below.

Stream “Boots” below or get a copy of your own on iTunes here.

Jessie James Decker – Boots (Audio)

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