Stream Bizzy Bone “Carbon Monoxide” Migos Diss Track... Bizzy Bone Drops “Carbon Monoxide” Migos Diss Track

Stream Bizzy Bone "Carbon Monoxide" Migos Diss Track

Stream Bizzy Bone “Carbon Monoxide” Migos Diss Track

Following Up Layzie Bone’s lackluster “Let Me Go Migo” effort and his “Annihilation” follow-up, Bizzy returned with “Carbon Monoxide” earlier this month.

For nearly six minutes, Bizzy goes after “Offsides, Tequila and, most notably, the unknown third member that was left off ‘Bad and Boujee.’”

On “Carbon Monoxide,” the deeper reason for Bizzy’s beef appears to surface. Like Nas before him, Bizzy has declared hip-hop to be in a dying state.

Moreover, he seems particularly annoyed at Migos‘ audacity in claiming ignorance about Bone Thugs, a cardinal sin for any self-respecting hip-hop fan. On this one, Bizzy takes to an eerie instrumental to vent, proving that he’s still a formidable foe in every sense.

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The track kicks off with a Star Wars styles intro, which tells the tale of Bone Thugs’ ascent in the Hip Hop world and the numerous acts who were “influenced” by their fast flows and cadences.

But he blasts Migos for allegedly not knowing who Bone Thugs were.



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