Watch City Girls “Careless” Music Video City Girls... Video: City Girls – Careless

Watch City Girls "Careless" Music Video

Watch City Girls “Careless” Music Video

City Girls are back with more no-holds-barred action with the release of their new “Careless” music video, directed by Gabriel Hart aka Video God.

Live from Miami, the duo take the streets by storm, twerking out in the road and going on a shopping spree. Look for them to be back doing this once JT gets out.

“Bitch I’m living life so careless / Might throw a couple stacks, I’m careless,” raps Yung Miami on the carefree anthem. “Broke hoes tryna hate, I could care less / Bitch I’m living life too reckless.”

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“Careless” stems from the rapper’s debut album, Period, which released in May 2018. This video release one year later marks a “celebration of the fans who have been with them since day one,” they explained in a statement.

City Girls also recently shot a video for their Girl Code single “Act Up,” which sits at No. 29 on the Billboard Hot 100.

City Girls – Careless


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