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NEW MUSIC: Ras Kass – Smoke Break

Music November 27, 2018 Ryan Kyle 0

Stream Ras Kass Smoke Break Stream Ras Kass... NEW MUSIC: Ras Kass – Smoke Break

Stream Ras Kass Smoke Break

Stream Ras Kass Smoke Break

Stream Ras Kass Smoke Break, Ras Kass is a legend in the game. The West Coast rapper is one of the most lyrically adept veterans to hold down the West Coast.

Like many artists from the old school that attempted to adjust to the digital age, Kass isn’t as popular in the commercial world as some of his peers. Still, his skill on a mic should never be slept on.

That’s why when Joyner Lucas raps “When you sing, you ain’t half bad, but you rapping like Ras Kass,” on “Litty Freestyle,” many hip-hop heads were confused.

Being compared to Kass lyrically isn’t a bad thing, although it appeared that Lucas was trying to diss Tory Lanez. Kass has snapped back at Lucas with a track of his own. He begins “Smoke Break” with a sample of Lucas calling him out before Kass goes in.

He begins his assault on a dark instrumental before it switches to Lucas’ own “I’m Not Racist” beat. At the end of the song, the Family Guy theme plays and Kass declares that the diss was all in good fun.

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Ras Kass | Smoke Break | Joyner Lucas Diss | Produced by Simplex


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