Stream Jazz Cartier Cuzzi Relax Stream Jazz Cartier... NEW MUSIC: Jazz Cartier – “Cuzzi Relax”

Stream Jazz Cartier Cuzzi Relax

Stream Jazz Cartier Cuzzi Relax

Stream Jazz Cartier Cuzzi Relax, Toronto’s Jazz Cartier had the good sense to add a few songs to his Fleurever project, in sensing it had become a crowd favorite. There’s no point in leaving loosies on the table if there’s something to gain from their exposure.

When I think of Jazz Cartier of an artist with an amorphous quality to endure changes in the atmosphere, culturally speaking. On “Cuzzi Relax” he gets into a manic shouting match with a tempestuous voice creating confusion in his head.

“Cuzzi Relax” is produced by Mathaius Young, a hip-hop practitioner that defies labels and simple conventions. Together they crafted an interesting type of record that belongs to the new age. Stream Jazz Cartier Cuzzi Relax

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Forget narrative structure, we-they-nobody does that anymore. It’s kind of old-fashioned unless you’re filing a missing person report, in which case I’m sure Jazz and Mathaius are wishful thinkers.

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