Stream Fetty Luciano Story to Tell Fetty Luciano... ALBUM: Fetty Luciano – “Story to Tell”

Stream Fetty Luciano Story to Tell

Stream Fetty Luciano Story to Tell

Fetty Luciano returns. “I told FETTY to pick up the [mic] in 2014,” writes Def Jam EVP Steven Victor, “He came home and went straight to the booth.”

Less than a year after his release from prison, Fetty Luciano has delivered on his project Story To Tell, keeping the words of Victor and others like him in mind to craft his major label debut.

Racking up 10 tracks total, the GS9 soldier and brother of Rowdy Rebel comes through with looks from the likes of Gunna, Landstrip Chip, and Bobby Shmurda.

While a parlay into the industry, Story To Tell also signals significant growth for the Flatbush-bred emcee as he ushers in a new chapter of prosperity.

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“I’m transforming. I’m becoming a better man day by day, a better person,” he tells Brick magazine. “The more money I get, the more I’m gonna work. I wanna be wealthy.

I wanna live a lavish lifestyle—so there’s no let ups! I can’t let Bobby and Rowdy down. I can’t let my father down. I can’t let my friends down. People wanna see me win and I have to win.”

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