Stream Dummie Washed Stream Dummie Washed, You might... NEW MUSIC: Dummie – “Washed”

Stream Dummie Washed

Stream Dummie Washed

Stream Dummie Washed, You might recognize the name Dumbfoundead from one of his many iconic rap battles, where he traded verses against The Saurus, Dizaster, and Kid Twist among others.

Many came to appreciate his wit and candor, and naturally, his fans came to gravitate toward his extracurricular musical efforts. While some battle rappers struggle in the booth, Dumb approaches the mic with an effortless nature, confidently bringing his comedic timing and sharp lyrical insight into the mix.

Now, the rapper has shed his old moniker in favor of a new one, Dummie, and we’re happy to premiere his new single “Washed” for your pleasure. “Sometimes you just feel your age and there’s nothing wrong with that,” explains Dumb. “I feel like I’m still growing and I don’t regret anything I’ve done up to this point, this song is a reflection of that journey.”

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The bubbly instrumental lulls listeners into a false sense of security, as Dummie wastes little time in laying certain insecurities on the table. Themes of aging, displacement, and general ennui permeate, as Dumb delivers his message with sharp witticisms and a slick flow.

“I mind my business,ya’ll start wars, I’m Michael Jackson eating popcorn,” he raps, “but keep testing and talk more, I’ll send that ass to the chalkboard.” Keep an eye out for Dummie’s new endeavors, including a new EP called Café Bleu, and a turn in the film Bodied, dropping tomorrow.



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