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NEW MUSIC: DeJ Loaf – “Who Gon Stop Us”

Music November 9, 2018 Ryan Kyle 0

Stream DeJ Loaf Who Gon Stop Us Stream... NEW MUSIC: DeJ Loaf – “Who Gon Stop Us”

Stream DeJ Loaf Who Gon Stop Us Song

Stream DeJ Loaf Who Gon Stop Us

Stream DeJ Loaf Who Gon Stop Us, DeJ Loaf loaded up on tommy points in the event of a work stoppage, and came out winning, who would have guessed? On “Who Gon Stop Us,” DeJ Loaf starts up a conversation that broke down when she took her rap sabbatical.

The Detroit rapper held concurrent titles in an era where the feat was near unimaginable.Casual rap fans expect a monthly turnover, a cycle DeJ Loaf continues to defy, but not out of petulance.

“Who Gon Stop Us” produced by Winner’s Circle, sees her return to the sound she was championing in 2015, after a brief deviation in form. DeJ Loaf Who Gon Stop Us Stream Song

In June, DeJ enlisted Leon Bridges to help her chart a new soulful route, a dalliance that came to an abrupt end shortly thereafter. The message on her new single is quite evident: Loyalty over everything.

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“Who Gon Stop Us” is being saved for her forthcoming EP. Her countenance shows little bemusement. DeJ speaks in parables; forward-looking statements win over more often than not. She doesn’t strike me as someone that spends too much mulling over unimportant facts.

Dej Loaf – Who Gon Stop Us


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