Rita Ora is feeling just like a rockstar.... Rita Ora Wins Halloween With Post Malone Costume

Rita Ora

Rita Ora is feeling just like a rockstar.

On Halloween, celebrities like everyone else, have the opportunity to dress up as someone or something else entirely, shunning their famous personas for just one night.

While Heidi Klum is widely regarded as being the Queen of Halloween, donning extraordinary costumes year upon year, she may now have to defend her crown from a possible usurper.

Rita Ora attended the Kiss Haunted House Party at Wembley’s SSE Arena dressed as Post Malone, with many expressing their astonishment over the singer’s uncanny portrayal of the rapper.

Ora paid extremely close attention to detail with her costume, which included Malone’s recognisable facial tattoos, his grilled teeth, his brown curly locks and a denim jacket embossed with his name.

She even impersonated the rapper on stage at the London arena, with many people in the crowd none the wiser as to her true identity.

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“@PostMalone I LOVE you bro,” Ora tweeted. “Surprised Wembley as you tonight at my show my fans didn’t even recognise me LOL.”

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Social media has been flooded with praise for Ora’s costume, with some even saying that she “wins Halloween.”

“Sorry I’m not much of a fan but OMFG @RitaOra wins best costume! LMAO this is pure class,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I can’t go to sleep because I’m afraid Rita Ora dressed as Post Malone will haunt my dreams,” another person commented.

Other celebrities in attendance at the Kiss Haunted House Party included former Love Island contestant Alexandra Cane, who dressed up as Jessica Rabbit, singer Jess Glynne, who dressed up as Elle Driver from Kill Bill, and X-Factor winners Rak-Su, who dressed up as the Ghostbusters.

Malone has yet to comment on whether he approves of Ora’s incarnation of him.

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