Things come full circle for Meek Mill after... Meek Mill’s “Back To Back” Freestyle Leaves Fans Shook

Meek Mills Back To Back Freestyle

Things come full circle for Meek Mill after he bodied the song that many thought would end his career.

The feud between Meek Mill and Drake officially ended in October, although the Philly rapper has insisted that he’s been in communication with the 6 God before his recent incarceration.

Drake inarguably won the battle with his single “Back To Back” that not only turned into one of the songs of the year, but also landed Drizzy a GRAMMY nomination.

I mean, Meek took a serious L, but it wasn’t as severe as many made it out to be. Meek has since won over America, made peace with Drake and recently brought things full circle when he blessed Funk Flex with a freestyle over the diss track that many thought would end his career.

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Meek Mill is a battle rapper at heart so you already know he doesn’t shy away from freestyling. Meek’s return to the Funk Flex show was anticipated and he personally chose to hop on Drake’s “Back To Back” beat. Interestingly enough, moments before Meek encouraged Funk Flex to apologize for Drake live on the air.

In typical Meek fashion, he didn’t hesitate to snap. The rapper completely blacked out for about 2 and a half minutes over the diss track that was directed at him. Ultimately, he reaffirmed why he’s on his way to stand among the GOATs.

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