Cardi B is a “Balenciaga mama.” It’s safe... Cardi B Rocks $5,000 3D-Printed Balenciaga Outfit

Cardi B Rocks ,000 3D-Printed Balenciaga Outfit

Cardi B is a “Balenciaga mama.”

It’s safe to say Cardi B wasn’t lying in her song when she rapped about “liking those Balenciagas.” Last night, the Bronx sensation took to her Instagram page to show off a new Balenciaga outfit, which we’re now learning costs a little over $5,000 dollars.

PageSix reports that the 3D-hourglass coat Cardi was rockin’ in her picture costs around $3,400 dollars and her matching plaid tweed boots were another $1,745. Cardi captioned the post appropriately with “Balenciaga Mama,” while standing next to a sculptural head planter.

In addition to the $5,000 worth of clothes she’s wearing, Cardi is also holding nearly $15,000 worth of a handbag from Hermes as well. In fact, the turquoise colored Hermès Birkin bag goes for $14,000 to be exact.

The expensive post she shared last night came hours after Cardi addressed rumors from Nicki in her leaked “Mama” song that she slept with DJ Self. “I dealt with scammers. Drug dealers.

I’ve dealt with some bum a*s n*ggas but I never f*cked me a deejay,” Cardi said. “I know what y’all gonna ask me and I addressed this a whole lot of times, ‘Didn’t you f*ck Self?’ No, I never f*cked Self. I never been in a relationship with Self. I never flirted with Self.”

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We’ll continue to keep you posted with all things Cardi moving forward. For now, check out her expensive 3D coat & outfit (below).

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