It isn’t all about sex. Cardi B has... Cardi B And Offset May Soon Get Back Together

Cardi B & Offset May Soon Get Back Together

It isn’t all about sex.

Cardi B has been wildin’ recently, expressing her hunger and thirst for sexual affection from Offset in a few different ways. According to Bossip, the star recently hopped on IG live to speak on a potential reconciliation.

Apparently, Offset is good for a lot more than a romp: “I’m excited to see about how my love life is. I’m still not wearing a (wedding ring on my) finger, but I would love to work things out and everything.”

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Cardi B & Offset May Soon Get Back Together

Cardi gushed about how supportive he has been when it comes to her career. “There’s a lot of things that I feel like I can’t do, (but) m****rf****r (Offset) is like, ‘You can do everything and anything’ all the time.

I never had nobody push me like that,” she continued. “It’s really good for me now to have somebody that just motivates me and lets me know every day like, ‘You can do anything, you just gotta set your mind (to it).”

He has been a mentor in some ways. “Now I be more involved in my business,” Cardi concluded about Offset. “That’s something that I got taught with my partner, that’s why I really appreciate my baby father a lot.

Even though we go through a lot of s**t, but (he’s) definitely made me a better person, a wiser person.”

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