Bhad Bhabie Throws A Drink In Iggy Azalea... Watch: Bhad Bhabie Throws A Drink In Iggy Azalea’s Face

Bhad Bhabie Throws A Drink In Iggy Azalea

Bhad Bhabie Throws A Drink In Iggy Azalea

At just 15-years-old the entertainer Bhad Bhabie finds herself forced to deal with the very adult nature of the music industry with what appears to be little or no healthy adult supervision.

On the receiving end of the dysfunction? The Pop princess Iggy Azalea.

This morning, the ‘Fancy’ siren revealed that Bhad had tried to fight her at Cardi B’s Fashion Nova party and now, hours after the news broke, footage of the incident has surfaced online.

Watch below…

Bhad Bhabie Throws Water at Iggy Azalea & Starts A Fight!!! | TMZ

Azalea laughed the incident off and continued to party once she dried off as her fans, stunned by the incident, took to social media to ask why the teenager was partying alongside adults in the first place.

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